Grant of Exclusive Power of Attorney to conduct all
tax, business, and legal affairs of principal person.


I, LEWIS PALMER JR; LEWIS PALMER; PALMER JR LEWIS; LEWIS JR PALMER; PALMER LEWIS; PALMER L.; PALMER JR L.; L. PALMER JR; LEWIS JR P.; PALMER, L; PALMER JR, L.; PALMER, L. JR and all derivatives thereof, the LEGAL FICTION / DEBTOR / STRAWMAN / ARTIFICIAL PERSON, do hereby appoint :Lewis, Jr; .Palmer:; Lewis, Jr of the Palmer family; Lewis, Jr of the family Palmer; Lewis Palmer Jr, or any derivative or combination of thereof, a natural person, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris as my Agent with Power of Attorney in fact,c/o Living Mans 1129 Sutton Place, Desoto, Texas, Non-Domestic without the U.S. to take exclusive charge of, manage, and conduct all my tax affairs, legal affairs, public affairs, international affairs, and private affairs, and for such purpose to act for me in my name place, without limitation on the powers necessary to carry out this exclusive purpose of attorney in fact as authorized.

  1. To take possession of, hold, and manage my real estate and all other property;
  2. To receive money or property paid or delivered to me from any source;
  3. To deposit funds in, make withdraws from, or sign checks or drafts against any account standing in my name (TMLEWIS PALMER JR©) individually or jointly in any bank or other depository, to cash coupons, bonds or certificates of deposits, to endorse checks, notes or other depository in my name: to have success to, and place items in or remove from, any safety deposit box standing in my name individually or jointly, and otherwise to conduct bank transactions or business for me in my name (TMLEWIS PALMER JR ©);
  4. To pay my just debts and expenses, including reasonable expenses incurred by my Attorney in Fact : Lewis, Jr; .Palmer: in Propria Persona, Sui Juris, in exercising this exclusive power of attorney;
  5. To retain any investments, and to invest in stocks, bonds or other securities, or in real estate or other property;
  6. To give general and special proxies, or exercise rights of conversion, or rights with respect to shares or securities, to deposit shares or securities, or transfer them to protective committees or subscriptions called for in connection with shares or securities;
  7. To sell, exchange, lease, give options, and make contracts concerning real estate or other property for such considerations and on such terms as my Attorney in Fact :Lewis, Jr; .Palmer: in Propria Persona, Sui Juris, may consider prudent;
  8. To improve or develop real estate, to construct, alter, or repair building structures and appurtenances or real estate; to settle boundary lines, easements, and other rights with respect to real estate; to plant, cultivate, harvest, and sell or otherwise dispose of the crops and timber, and do all things necessary or appropriate to good husbandry. 
  9. To provide for the use, maintenance, repair, security, or storage of my tangible property;
  10. To purchase and maintain such policies of insurance against liability, fire casualty, or other risks as my Attorney in Fact :Lewis, Jr; .Palmer: in Propria Persona, Sui Juris may consider prudent;

    The Agent/Living Soul, :Lewis, Jr; .Palmer:; Lewis Jr of the Palmer family; Lewis Jr of the family Palmer; Lewis Palmer Jr, or any derivative or combination of thereof, is hereby authorized by law to act for and in control of the LEGAL FICTION / DEBTOR / STRAWMAN / ARTIFICIAL PERSON, TMLEWIS PALMER JR©, or any derivatives thereof. In addition, through the exclusive Power of Attorney in Fact, to contract for all business and legal affairs of the principal person: TMLEWIS PALMER JR ©, LEGAL FICTION / DEBTOR / STRAWMAN / ARTIFICIAL PERSON.

    The term “exclusive” shall be construed to mean that while these Powers of Attorney in Fact are in force, only my Attorney in Fact may obligate me in these matters, and I forfeit the capacity to obligate myself with regard to the same. This grant of Exclusive Power is irrevocable during the lifetime of the Agent/Living Soul, :Lewis, Jr; .Palmer: in Persona, Sui Juris.

    This instrument was prepared by :Lewis, Jr; of the .Palmer: Family.

    Executed and sealed by the voluntary act of my own hand. This 30th Day of July, 2023.